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Why we do it

Why we do it

Quite simply, we love to help SME law firms thrive.

On the back of helping Hedges Law Ltd transition from a legacy PMS to Actionstep in April 2020 during lockdown the results were so compelling we decided to launch Cloudify Legal to help other SME law firms make the move to the cloud. Our team has over 80 Actionstep implementations behind us so we know how to help law firms make the transistion. It is simplier than you think. 

We continue to be humbled, witnessing lawyers and support staff embrace the change and truly thrive. They love using Actionstep along with supporting cloud applications that simply 'connect' and just work .

Our goal is to grow the community of lawyers and support teams who love working with Actionstep and delighting their clients. 

We believe that Law firms with frictionless world-class legal practice management tools will attract and retain great people, who in turn will service clients better. Everyone benefits.